Assisting Early Concept Companies

Ignite Northwest is focused on companies beyond idea-stage, our target company profile is one that has defensible IP, a working prototype, an understanding of the market opportunity, some level of market validation, and a committed management team.  However, we realize that not all companies coming to Ignite Northwest will have these elements and we want to be a resource and create opportunities for those companies too.  One such opportunity is through our SparkTrack program, a 4-week accelerator focused on idea-stage companies.  Another opportunity for even earlier stage companies is through our close relationship with Washington State University and the WSU University Center for Innovation.  We've worked with them to create a continuum of service to assist companies from the idea-stage through development and maturation, read about that below.  Also check back as we will continue to add resources for other early concept companies.


The WSU University Center for Innovation, located on the Spokane campus, is funded by the Economic Development Administration’s University Center Program and WSU Spokane.  The Center exists to create new ventures from technical and non-technical ideas through market research, competitive analysis, and product or service development within a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.  The Center works with clients from the state of Washington and northern Oregon.  We specialize in testing ideas with market data and advising clients with market-feasible products and services in next steps to launching their ventures.  Laboratory and office spaces are frequently available to emerging companies as well as connection to a wide network of services including mentoring, business advising, intellectual property law, and strategic planning.