Hello from Ignite Northwest—the Inland Northwest’s new business accelerator.


The first question you might be asking yourself after reading that headline is, “What the heck is a business accelerator?” 

Well, chances are you’ve heard of a business incubator—an organization to help startup companies get on their feet, form a business plan, maybe even access capital. We’re blessed as a region to have several such organizations through our chambers of commerce, universities and more. 

But as our community continues to grow our biosciences, technology, aerospace and other industries that stand to transform our economy, we saw an opportunity to help companies at the next level. 

To finally answer your question, a business accelerator helps what we call “second stage” companies with strategic and technical resources that accelerate their progress and position them for future growth. We’re ready to help companies with working prototypes that have entered the marketplace and have defensible intellectual property.

What does our program look like? We’ll take on two classes of 10 businesses every year. For 12 weeks, those companies will hear from our Professional Services Network to help them develop in areas like revenue, marketing, legal, leadership and much more. We’re fortunate to have a team of advisors at the head of these classes who are experienced subject matter experts in a wide cross-section of business, health, investment and tech industries. 

We see ourselves as an integral part of our region’s already thriving community of support for business and economic development. We want to be a resource for peer organizations and to help businesses network with investors, customers, suppliers and each other. 

We all have a vision for the Inland Northwest to expand as a hub for science, health and technology—we want to be a collaborative part of an ecosystem that cultivates and develops business. 

We’ll be excited to share more about our process and results as our first classes get underway in the fall, but for now read a little bit more about the program here. If you’d like to get involved as an advisor, a donor or a sponsor, contact us. Finally, we’re accepting applications for our first class, which you can access here. 

Thanks for viewing the site, and expect to hear more soon.