Spring 2018 Class Graduation




After completing a 13-week program taught by 34 volunteer regional leaders in business planning, marketing, legal, intellectual property and more, the Spring 2018 class delighted the audience their presentations at the Demo Day graduation.  The graduates now join Ignite Northwest’s collaborative network of alumni and mentors. 


Applications are open for our new FastTrac program starting in Fall 2018.  This program is geared at earlier stage entrepreneurs and companies.

The full graduating class and their 60-second pitches can be found below:

·       Acme-Endeavors- has designed a pickup cargo loading system that can load up to 1.75 tons (think Campers, ATVs, snowmobiles) into a pickup bed, safely, easily and consistently.   


·       Genetic Veterinary Services, Inc-  a service oriented animal genetics laboratory focused on educating and providing a variety of testing services to consumers, professionals, and businesses to improve the lifelong health of animals.


·       Golden Sherpas- a platform for seniors and their adult children looking for retirement communities, elder care management, assisted living and home renovation for the golden years.


·       Healing Local - an online networking and directory platform for health practitioners providing transparent and trustworthy reviews, improved referral efficiency and support for practice business development needs.


·       Moving Beyond Wellness- creates innovative exercise and therapy devices to help promote healing in the human body through increasing strength and flexibility.


·       Newcore Aviation- provides Innovative products and services for today’s manned and unmanned aviation needs.


·       Vivihue- building a social media platform that enables users to paint their faces with a wide variety of preexisting and "roll-your-own" templates and special effects.


·       RadMax Technologies- a research and development company that is developing and proving axial vane-type rotary “engine” devices for power, compressor, gas expander and pump applications.


·       RoboGnosis- provides custom autonomous robotic solutions that match today’s best available technology to its customer’s specific needs.


·       Share Farm- a free-to-use mobile app that puts the local farmer market at your fingertips by establishing a permanent local food system and neighborhood vendor network.


·       Unibest International- provides unique proprietary data layers to the agricultural marketplace while delivering new insights for sustainable/precision agriculture.