What Can an Accelerator Do for Your Company?


Of course you can build a company, secure investment and create an incredible advisory network without an accelerator, but as a CEO running a company, time is your most valuable asset.  Why not leverage what Ignite Northwest has built into its accelerator program to benefit your company and conserve your valuable asset?  Ignite Northwest is a non-profit organization that takes no equity from the companies we assist-- what you have built is yours. Here’s a look at what Ignite Northwest can do for your company.


Provide business knowledge for earlier stage companies

At Ignite Northwest, we screen for the companies we can help most, those that are earlier stage companies with growth potential.  More well-established companies can hire consultants for key areas of their business, however, those companies tend to have systems in place that can be tuned.  What if you need strategies on setting up those systems or just a general idea of the different approaches possible? What if you just want to talk to someone that has been down this road before?  This is where Ignite Northwest shines, we target our program for those companies that we believe are underserved and most coachable. 

Some of our alumni have described our program as a highly compressed executive MBA program.  We first start by introducing you to a tool called the Business Model Canvas that allows you to take a holistic view of your company, monitor progress, and chart a roadmap for your business growth.  We cover topics from marketing to legal to human resources to funding growth and more.  For a more detailed look, please see our curriculum


Build your network

Our program will allow you to build your regional business network.  In addition to working side-by-side with other CEOs, an aspect that our alumni have ranked highly, you will also work with industry leading professionals.  Our courses are taught by experts who have been working in their fields for decades, our advisors are curated to bring specific knowledge on a range of topics, and our alumni can bring insight for how they applied these subjects to their businesses.  And you’ll get a business coach to help you facilitate your options and understand the material.


Fund your company’s growth

There are many different paths to bring more funding to your company to sustain growth.  We cover all the options that are available to companies of your size including:

  •               Angel / Venture Capital
  •               Bootstrapping
  •               Crowd funding
  •               Debt funding/banks

We also cover the benefits and tradeoffs for each.  Usually one makes better sense for your company than others, but we can help you navigate your best path and put you in touch with those you’ll want to meet.


Help pivot your company

Are you experiencing problems and considering a shift in strategy?  By being candid about the challenges you are facing and using the Business Model Canvas, our team can help you consider all options before you leap. 


Applications are open now

If you are the CEO of an earlier stage business, or know of one that can use our help, come find out more about on the Accelerator homepage.  Then if it sounds like something you are ready for, you can applyApplications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so the sooner you apply, the more you can stand out.  We look forward to working with you.